GAMACOM Rousse, BG, Europe

Габи ще има парти в събота (12.12.2009), от 16.00 до 19.00


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We are 24 hours, 7 days, 4 weeks, 12 months connected to Internet. We hope you will spend a good time here. Here we are near Central Station, Rousse BG
Hi we are Hi Tech company, located in Rousse, Bulgaria. We are started with Internet club, where visitors can surf Net, Gaming, e-mailing, ICQ, mIRC, printing pages.

Our mission is to give visitors an unexpensive and fast INTERNET accsess. We also trade whit computers and accsessories.
We are near Bourissova Str. Rousse BG

Every body is welcome here. Let`s join together.

If you want, your photo will stay here. Send me your pic, nick and asl